We love Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital! We found AHAH after some pretty thorough research after we moved to Keyport, NJ and bypassed some closer vets to bring Lemon to AH. The staff is helpful and friendly and we loved Dr. Rovere! I never got to meet any of the other doctors, but my husband only had positive things to say about them as well. We were mostly in for well visits (so, infrequently) and Dr. Rovere remembered Lemon every time and did a fantastic job making her feel comfortable! We only left AH because we moved 2 hours away and even considered sticking with AHAH from that distance. It wasn’t practical for us, but we hope more pet owners bring their pets to Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital!

– Genevieve V.

This place really is the best. Our rescue dog is a bit of a head case, and needs to be muzzled and restrained while on the exam table. We have never felt anything but welcome here, and they do their best to keep him calm, which we really appreciate. Everyone is so nice and aside from that whole being on the table thing, he loves going. If your dog is really having a hard time, they have a door directly from the parking lot into the exam room. Their prices are so reasonable and they’re really there to help. They seem to actually care, which is so refreshing. I can’t recommend it enough.

– Maggie C.

I can’t say enough great things about this Animal Hospital!!!
The prices are VERY fair (which is rare for a vet) and they’re very caring and gentle with my furry loved ones. I have 3 cats that I take to AHAH, a 7 year old a 2 year old and a 1 year old. About a year ago my 2 year old had a very bad reaction to OTC flea spray and became very ill, I brought her in and was frantic about how sick she was. They were so kind to me and within 24 hours my little lady was almost back to her usual self. Their affiliated emergency hospital is just as great as they are, I had another emergency experience in the middle of the night, and they worked miracles getting my 7 year old tabby girl back up and running. I’ve called with questions, and unlike any other vet that I’ve been to, they don’t jump the gun and immediately drag you and your pet in, they’ll talk with you and get good answers, then if you as the pet owner, feel that its necessary that your pet is seen the choice is left in your hands. I really love the staff at Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital and I intend to always use them while I still live close by.

– Tatum M.

As a local vet, I think that Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital is great. I have been bringing my animals there for years and have had no problems. They are very nice and service is usually quick. However, as the previous reviewer stated, they are not a heavily equipped facility. If I have serious issues, like when my dog got injured in a fight, I bring them to Red Bank Veterinarian Hospital. While costing a lot more, they are fully equipped with every type of doctor and piece of equipment. It is just like a doctor for humans, I go to my regular doctor for regular issues (checkup, shots, a cold) but if I need to have surgery I go to a specialist or a hospital.

– Ryan P.

I have been going to Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital since I moved into the area 2 years ago. They are great vets. Like the first commenter mentioned, they are not highly equipped with diagnostic equipment, and they will refer you to the best specialist. However, they are great for all non-specialist needs. They have often accommodated same day requests. Everyone there is extremely pleasant and helpful, and their rates are very reasonable. We absolutely prefer to see them for our vet needs, and then spend the big bucks at GS or Red Bank only if absolutely necessary.

– Laurie W.

I was hesitant to go to them based on the previous review, but I gave them a try. I am going for routine checkups for my cat and they couldn’t be nicer and more knowledgeable. They are a local business and have young doctors on staff. I heard they used to have an older doctor who has since retired. I plan to continue using them and would be happy to recommend them.

– Jim M.