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Animal Hospital in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Welcome to Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital!

Whether you are a new visitor hoping to learn about our pet hospital or are a current client with pets we care for, thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit with us. We hope that everyone will find some helpful information to enrich the life of your pet.

Unless an emergency presents itself, we strive to keep your wait time to a minimum to decrease stress on your pet. We can usually accommodate your needs with evening and weekend appointments when necessary.
With only Dr. DeMeo on staff, you know that each time you visit our hospital you will be seeing a doctor who is familiar with your pet's medical history. This is usually not the case at larger animal hospitals. In the coming months, we will be adding information to our website, including frequently asked questions and important health ... Read more
You may also use our email address to request general information about pet health, though we request that you direct specific questions about your pet's care to us by phone, as we will be checking our email every few days. If your pet is ill, please call the hospital - do not send us an email. We will not be scheduling appointments via email.